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Q: How much do your projects typically cost?

          A: Projects start at $10k but most of our projects are in the $30k - $75k range. (This does not include fence projects, those tend to be from $4k - $12k)

Q: How much does a 3D design cost?

          A: Every project starts with a 3D design which costs $1,500 (other than fences). The design fee is deducted off the cost of the project if you decide to hire us.

Q: Why should I hire you over someone else?

          A: We are extremely passionate about what we do and it shows in the final product! We pride ourselves on our unique designs, craftsmanship, and the excellent experience we give our clients.

Q: I want to hire you, now what?!

          A: Fill out the form on this page and get in touch!

Q: Do you offer financing?

          A: We do! We partner with HFS Financial and have successfully had clients finance their project with us!

Visit them at to start the process.


Phone: 225-240-8810

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